When my best friend Jared told me that he and his girlfriend were interested in taking photos, I knew just what I wanted to do for them. Jared and I met about 4 years ago while working together at a portrait studio. We went through our single days together as well as our taken days. Through it all, we have remained super close. I can honeslty say that this funny, loving, very-opiniated guy is my best friend. And im talking about a life long, stand up kinda guy. Last yeasr he introduced me to the lovely, so pretty and caring, Jaclyn. I couldn't have picked a better match myself. She and Jared are a big part of why Springfield is where I call home.
Enjoy these, Engaging, not engagement, Photos. : ) 

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  • Eve Poznich
    May 6, 2016 - 7:17 pm Reply

    Love these! You did a great job!

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