Grace Elizabeth//One Day Old

I am so blessed to have Abby, Ma and GiGi  in my life and now their little addition to the family, Grace. They have welcomed me into their lives with open arms and warm hearts. It's hard being in a place where your family is sparse and so distant from you. This family has helped me through some of my lonesomeness. I love Abby. She is a beautiful soul and her daughter is one lucky girl. Only a day old and she is already so loved and spoiled. God has his hands all over this family. I can feel it when I walk in the room. I can not wait to watch this little rose bud grow.

Today I had the privilege of meeting this beauty for the first time. And now I offer you, her first portraits ever.

 World, Meet Grace Elizabeth

This 7 lb.. 8 oz. little one is the prettiest day old baby that I have ever seen. She is perfect in every way. Her blue eyes, brown hair and soft perfect skin resemble her mother so much. Just wait, she is destined for greatness.



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