Carissa’s Baby Bump// Maternity

I almost forgot this... Carissa is such a fun-loving human being. we met a few years ago and working together only brought us closer. She's been my little photography guinea pig. I am so glad to call her a friend. She understands me because we are so much like one another. She is a beautiful wife and now mother of the pea that was once in her pod.  I can not wait to meet her little one in July!

bridge2Babybump-17 Babybump-15 Babybump-14 Babybump-13 Babybump-9Babybump-28 Babybump-26 Babybump-33 Babybump-30 Babybump-38blanketbumpgrass daddysgirlBabybump-25bridge copybridge3Babybump-40Babybump-43color bwsaint nakey

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